Saturday, February 26, 2011

More downfalls of Christian blogging

Thanks, Costly Grace/Archer of the Forest. I was already fretting about my blogging after reading Jesus's words at Evening Prayer tonight:

"Beware of practicing your piety before others in order to be seen by them; for then you have no reward from your Father in heaven. " (Matthew 6:1)


Danny Dolan said...

As a church leader, you are called on to set an example for your flock. You are also not to hide your light under a bushel. I don't think it hurts if others see your piety, as long as your piety doesn't exist for the sole purpose of being seen by them. As for myself, I blog as an outlet, and a means of organizing my thoughts. That should be safe, right?

TLF+ said...

Danny - let's hope! Blogging can be a way to "Write His answer" (Habakkuk 2:1-2)

The Archer of the Forest said...

Sorry, didn't mean to give you a guilt trip. I'm such the Troubler of Israel.