Friday, February 25, 2011

When words don't mean what they say, how do you build credible relationships?

Toronto gay blessings do not breach the moratoria on gay blessings, ACC rules: The Church of England Newspaper, Feb 18, 2011. « Conger

Just another episode in the Anglican Communion becoming a balkanized mess.

Doesn't really matter what "side" of an issue you are on. When leaders say one thing and do another, when common language is manipulated by factions, when public statements are undone by bureaucratic fiat, you have mistrust and polarization that is all but impossible to undo.

"While conservatives have not disputed the intellectual merits of Canon Mark McIntosh of the Diocese of Chicago or suffragan Bishop Linda Nicholls of Toronto, their appointment by the ACC [Anglican Consultative Council] has prompted criticism for undoing the strictures put into place by Dr. Rowan Williams [Archbishop of Canterbury] last year against the participation of members of provinces in breach of the communion’s moratoria on gay bishops and blessings...

...In his Pentecost letter of May 28, 2010, Dr. Rowan Williams stated that members of provinces that were in breach of the moratoria would no longer participate in the communion’s ecumenical dialogues.

'Provinces that have formally, through their Synod or House of Bishops, adopted policies that breach any of the moratoria requested by the Instruments of Communion and recently reaffirmed by the Standing Committee and the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Unity, Faith and Order should not be participants in the ecumenical dialogues in which the Communion is formally engaged,' Dr. Williams wrote."

The ACC and the Archbishop of Canterbury are two of Anglicanism's four "instruments of unity." When your "instruments of unity" work at crossed purposes and don't even have a common language, what do you have?

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