Friday, December 3, 2010

Live from New York: fly-over follies

OK, this video makes me laugh, too (h/t FB friend and Twin Cities resident Dave).

But here's the thing: is this really what a New York audience assumes about Minneapolis?

In reality, Minneapolis has: bars that fly huge rainbow flags (let the reader understand), pro sports (Joe Mauer, anyone?), a major university, gridlocked traffic and no parking, Al Franken, in fact, all the amenities of a large coastal city except the coast (but it does have the Mississippi River running right on through).

The video's still funny, 'tho I'd love to see skits on some of the simply awful attempts at theatre that infest NYC, or a pretentious group of wannabee writers, or... well, let's just say I've lived in The Big Apple (saved my page of the 212 phone book just to prove it) and there's plenty to mock.

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