Thursday, December 9, 2010

Calvary Cathedral, Sioux Falls

Bishop Hare secured substantial funding from John Jacob Astor (yes, went down on the Titanic) to build the Cathedral of the Diocese of South Dakota in Sioux Falls.

< Bishop Hare's monument is inscribed with Jesus' words to Peter, "Feed My Sheep"


David Handy+ said...

I like the Rose Window, with its depiction of John the Baptist, and his stirring message so apt for Advent and for the wilderness that SD was in those pioneer days: "Prepare the way of the Lord."

Bishop Hare came from a prominent wealthy family on Philadelphia's "Main Line," which gave him social connections with wealthy Easterners like Astor that he successfully exploited. For a guy from a privileged background like +Hare to go to SD in the late 1800s, with all its primitive conditions and hardships, was truly noble and adventurous, and a real form of self-denial. Very Christlike.

And its significant that Hare had the integrity and guts to veto Astor's wish to name the cathedral for his wife Augusta.

David Handy+ said...

Oops. I posted that comment before I saw the earlier thread about the window. I'm glad you put up the striking pictures, Tim.

One of the ways that +Hare resembled courageous John the Baptist was the bishop's brave crusade to put an end to the disgraceful trade in easy, quick divorces that made Sioux Falls infamous back in his day. Like the prophet, Hare sternly preached repentance and was unafraid of upsetting politicians. And fortunately, unlike John, he kept his head.

TLF+ said...

David+, God calls for a variety of sacrifices, it seems. I think the other person's always look more noble, difficult, sacricifical, Christ-like.

I think that when churches get to that rare place where people actually talk about their lives paths, we start to see that all who are disciples are indeed carrying the cross - you in some way that would undo me and vice versa, most likely.

Of course there are also the wicked who, as the Psalmist points out, cruise along without major pain and the many who simply endure misery with no meaning.

Sorry, you got me musing and musing leads to rambling...

David Handy+ said...

That's OK, Tim. It's your blog. You can ramble all you like. But you're right that I may be idealizing Bp. Hare a bit. And you're certainly right that all genuine followers of Christ inevitably end up bearing a cross and suffering somehow for his sake.

As for your musing that we each might be called to bear a cross that someone else might find unbearable, well I think you're a great example of that yourself, Tim. Personally, I can't imagine raising an autistic child while trying to pastor a church, as you and Melissa have been doing for years. BRAVO.