Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anglicans young and out-of-the-box

Controversial Anglican stuff is on simmer (or maybe just cold, icky and stuck to the pan) these days, so if scanning the blogs seems like same-old, same-old, here is some positive stuff for your weekend reading:

Coming into the Anglican world from an Evangelical background is the young Waco, TX blogger who offers Musings of A Hard-Lining Moderate. He "mini-blogs" his thoughts in short, tight posts. Good perspectives on how the Anglican approach sits within the wider Christian world - although you will need to scroll down through a recent series of politics and culture stuff.

A young family guy recently arrived in Rapid City, SD, and is blogging A Tribe Called Anglican. He has a couple of recent posts on Bishops providing good examples and good teaching to the church. "Episcopal" means "having to do with Bishops," after all, so folks in our tradition need some positive reports to counter the media enthrallment with wing nuts, eccentrics and neo-pagans in episcopal vestments.

And a bit of out-of-the-box effort is going on in Virginia, where Episcopalians and some Anglicans who have left the Episcopal Church are looking at ways to stop the lawsuit insanity and chart a Christian course through their profound disputes. They are invoking the Anglican hallmark of Common Prayer. I caught this news via the blog BabyBlueOnline, which is also a place for good Bob Dylan news if you're a fan.

Rejoice! There are some heaven-sent lights shining in North American Anglicanism.

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Carson Clark said...

Scroll through... or read! ;)

I appreciate the referral and invite comments on my blog.

Today I'll be finishing up the next post in my Doctrine of Scripture (miniblog) series.