Thursday, May 1, 2008

Episcopal Church memo says Presiding Bishop is violating Church rules to attack other bishops; Meanwhile, $$$ for lawsuits = cuts for Reservations?

The Living Church has obtained a House of Bishops legal memo , indicating that Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has violated the church's Constitution and Canons to the extent that she would face disciplinary action (if the church had any integrity).

The memo says that Bishop Schori exhibited “willful violation of the canons, an intention to repeat the violations, and a pattern of concealment and lack of candor” in manipulating actions against Biblically traditional bishops.

Meanwhile, Episcopal Life has a couple of articles about ministry on South Dakota's Indian Reservations. The first shows the difficult circumstances and often inspiring efforts among Episcopalians and others who share mission work...

But the second article tries to conceal the damning truth about national church leaders. While Episcopal Life admits that hundreds of thousands of dollars were cut from 2008 ministry grants to South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska and Navajoland, the article does not say a thing about the fact that the Episcopal Church is shifting huge amounts of money to sue dissenting bishops, clergy, lay people, congregations and dioceses that stand up for Biblical truth.

Denominational leaders have refused to answer calls for documentation of the amount being spent on lawsuits, and about which parts of the national church budget are being drained.

Traditional Anglicans have protested the corrupt national leadership for some time. When will progressive Episcopalians wake up and see that the elites in New York are not serving the church's best interests?


Anonymous said...

It seems people are starting to speak up. This longish piece from ACI a group somewhat more intelectual that I am. But after the Diocese of Athabasca, led by the Metropolitan of Ruper's Land stood up to the ACoC it appears the tide is turning, perhaps.

Alice C. Linsley said...

I too believe that the 815 crowd is going to pay the piper sooner than later.

David Handy+ said...

You may be a voice crying in the wilderness (surely SD counts as wilderness), but keep up the good work, Tim+.

Alas, the way we spend our money does reveal quite clearly our priorities. As the Master said, "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

And the heart of TEC's leadership is not in ministry anymore, whether on Indian reservations or the foreign mission field (they recently eliminated all salaries or stipends for missionaries). It's all about politics now, and especially the pro-gay crusade.

Scott Loftesness, Sioux Falls said...

Considering Creighton Robertson has presided over nearly a complete destruction of the Episcopal Church in this diocese; is a "member of the Sisseton Tribe; and considering his comment in the article: "We did that. That's the church's sin," (he says...taking part in the assimilation process of native peoples), it makes me wonder if he has willfully exercised neglect, and incompetence to destroy the Christian Church here.

I honestly cannot name ONE accomplishment he has made to strengthen the church during his tenure here. Not ONE.