Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bishop Smith of North Dakota NOT Compelled to License Lesbian Priest

You can read his message to his diocese here.

A few things to note:
  • Many of us have criticized the Presiding Bishop and her lawyer of playing fast and loose with Canon Law. In this case, they appear to have followed the procedures to the letter, and that is good news.
  • Note how Bishop Smith exemplified humility and proper submission to church authorities. The Episcopal Church would not be such a mess if his habits were the rule instead of the exception. Too many clergy - especially Bishops - have been guilty of selfish, wilfull actions and led the church into chaos.
  • On the down side, note that the Presiding Bishop's reply only affirms that Bp. Smith played by the procedural rules - it does not reference or affirm his right reading of the Bible and good stewardship of Christian tradition.

Please keep Bishop Smith, the Presiding Bishop and all church leaders in your prayers.

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