Friday, March 28, 2008

South Dakota Anglicans - Take Pro-Life Action this Weekend!

This is the last weekend to sign petitions for a November ballot initiative to eliminate abortion-as-"birth control" in South Dakota.

Notarized petitions must be submitted by Monday, March 31st. Petitions are available at Church of the Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls this Sunday. My wife and I will be helping verify signatures this weekend - if you want to help you can find out more from Vote Yes For Life. You can also call them at (605)271-7581 or 866-738-0033.

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David Handy+ said...

Bravo, Tim+! Way to go, brother.

Little SD has proven a leader in the pro-life cause in the past; may it be so again. It is a supremely important issue.

The sad, unspeakably tragic and outrageous fact remains that abortion is of course commonly used as a means of birth control. Over 44 MILLION lives snuffed out before birth since 1973; over a million a year, and over 3,000 a day on average. Thus carnage MUST stop.

But it's time for judgment to begin within the Household of God (as 1 Peter says). I don't expect a secular, de-Christianized soceity to act like Christians. But what distresses me so greatly is when the Church is no different from the surrounding society.

I once caused a firestorm of controversy within a former parish of mne by publicly declaring that I would excommunicate any UNREPENTANT woman in the congregation who had an abortion, or any man who encouraged such a murder of the unborn and had not repented of this terrible evil. Two families immediately left the church in protest.

Alas, part of the controversy was caused by the poor way I chose to communicate the policy and by the fact I hadn't warned the vestry first and gotten them on board. But I still think it's the right stand.