Friday, March 28, 2008

The Great White North - UPDATED

Up here on the vast Northern Plains, we need all the connections we can make!

There are Anglican Christians in Canada who are only a mouse (moose?) click away... and they're actually closer in miles than many of our American friends.

You can check out "Common Cause" in the Useful Links to the left of this page. There you will find links to Canadian Anglican groups.

And here are a couple of worthwhile blogs from Canada:


Peter said...

At at the 49th parallel, they turn into prairies :-)

TLF+ said...

peter - you have shamed me for practicing my plains-centric, oppressive view of things. How dare I impose a plains-centric model on a people who experience themselves as prairie dwellers!

But, seriously, so glad to have made contact with you and with other Anglicans in Canada. My hope is that some shared resources and ministry will emerge over time, as the Lord leads.

And certainly, the sharing of insights and prayer is no small gift!