Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Candidate for Bishop looks at reality, asks the right questions

Just like South Dakota, Dallas is electing a bishop soon. One of the candidates writes about the opportunity and responsibility for informed voting.

His main point is, "Ask the right questions." You might be surprised...check it out right here.

Hat tip Stand Firm


David Handy+ said...

I have long been an admirer of Canon Mitchell of Dallas. He has written several helpful short books or essays that are eminently practical and theologically sound.

I heartily endorse his list of 8 questions that people SHOULD ask when seeking a new bishop. And with just a little modification, many of the same questions would apply to a parish looking for a new priest.

I hope Canon Mitchell wins the election in Dallas on Saturday (March 29). But Dallas is richly blessed; they have several outstanding candidates.

However, what do you want to bet that South Dakota won't have even ONE candidate who could match the fine ones in Dallas? And they are only electing a Suffragan!

TLF+ said...

It is sad, David+.

South Dakota really needs a vigorous, mission-minded (and mission experienced!) apostle who can fire up a very depressed diocese.

But national TEC provides half the diocesan budget, so my guess is that we will get a vanilla bureaucrat or an inclusive symbol of some sort - one of the "usual suspects" who says all the party-line things but has no discernable leadership record or gifts.