Monday, March 17, 2008

Coming in 2009 - The Episcopal Church Bans Disagreement With Its Glorious Leaders

Check out the editorial by Steve Waring. (I got the link from Stand Firm, where Matt Kennedy posted it.)

As I have been trying to warn folks, the new "disciplinary canons" will allow church bureaucrats to silence any clergy who disagree with them.

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LP said...

Forgive me for speaking plainly, but...

How much more of this is going to be necessary before people realize that if you wish to be a Christian and an Anglican -- rather than an apostate and a Schorian -- you must LEAVE THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH.

Will it take the prosecution of individuals in every single parish for such "infractions" as... oh, I dunno... holding fast to their marriage vows or believing in the bodily resurrection, before people take their heads out the sand and recognize that the institutionalized apostasy and persecution of the Christian faith which is happening in the leadership and seminaries of PECUSA (and has been for 30 years now) has a bearing, both legal and sacramental, on them?

Putting your fingers in your ears, shutting your eyes, and humming loudly doesn't make it go away... it just means that your presence and contributions to a PECUSA parish -- ANY PECUSA parish -- are complicit in its abandonment of the faith and persecution of Christians.

"Oh, but it's not happening (yet) in my back-yard" has never been a good excuse. That's particularly true in a situation like this.

WAKE UP people!

If you're not actively seeking to leave PECUSA, you are part of the problem and complicit in persecution.

There is no longer any middle ground.

(In fact, there hasn't been any for quite some time, but by now that should be abundantly clear to anyone who hasn't already decided, in their hearts, to side with the apostates.)