Thursday, March 27, 2008

A new Bishop gets to the heart of the matter

You should find this news inspiring! Here's a sample:

“Our preaching needs to be faithful to the gospel of the lordship of Jesus Christ. When our preaching is faithful, the Anglican/Episcopal tradition is more than capable of reaching our culture for Christ.”

It was our request that the Bishop and Standing Committee of South Dakota give consent to this new Bishop's election that brought down Episcopal scorn and moved us to form the American Anglican Council/South Dakota.

Praise God that Bishop Lawrence is consecrated - despite procedural manipulations and other roadblocks thrown up by anti-Bible Episcopal leaders.


Joe Roberts said...

Father Tim,

As one who has watched with interest and delight the ministry of +Lawrence, and I make special reference to his invitation to ++Jefferts Schori to come to the Diocese of South Carolina for a engagement billed as I recall it as, "Conversation and Clarity", I certainly believe that if there is hope for TEC, that hope lies in places like South Carolina and with men like +Lawrence. I urge all Episcopalians, no, all Anglicans, no, all Christians, to take the time to watch the video that is available on u-tube of ++Jefferts Shori's visit to South Carolina and, with particular attention to the incredibly moving comments of +Lawrence. As long as we have leaders like +Lawrence(and also Western Louisiana's very godly bishop, Bruce MacPherson) still standing tall in defense of the historic faith, there remains a glimmer of hope in, and for, TEC.

Christ's resurrection brought new life. Praise our Triune God.

TLF+ said...

Thanks, Joe, for bearing witness to God's character and power.

It borders on the miraculous that Bishops like Lawrence and MacPherson persist - perhaps God is sheltering a remnant after all. I fear that much more shaking and desolation will precede any renewal - but what good is to come will be entrusted to faithful servants of Christ like these good Bishops.

David Handy+ said...

Yes, and of course there are other brave bishops and many more examples of quiet courage among both clergy and lay leaders. There is indeed yet a remnant left in TEC.

But time is running out. The Titanic known as TEC hit an iceberg in 2003, and though it's taking years to sink, sink it certainly and inevitably shall.