Sunday, March 2, 2008

Praise report - from the parent

Our older son, Tim, took a medal in the 181 lb. weight class at the South Dakota High School Power Lifting tournament in Madison yesterday. My back still hurts from watching his 400 lb. dead lift.

We are really blessed by our son's good will, work ethic and kindness (even if he plays the angriest rock and roll he can find). He is well read in the Bible and something of a formal Anglo Catholic in his spirituality. He's been a blessing since he was born at the moment the sun rose on Nov. 29, 1991 - a constant source of thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father.

There were some other great moments at the tournament, by the way:

  • A heavyweight lifter from Watertown High set two new state records (a deadlift way over 600 lbs. and a combined total in three events that was amazing).
  • Kayla Frank of O'Gorman Catholic High (Sioux Falls) won the girl's division with some impressive lifts.
  • The coach of the year is from the Pine Ridge Reservation, where he's built a competetive team of boys and girls who made the long trip across the state.

All in all, an exciting, inspiring and LOOOOOOOOONG day. Yours truly got his ticket paid and a Lincoln High t-shirt from our team's coach for driving and supporting the event. And I didn't even have to lift anything more than a chili dog or two.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful article! Your son did great at the meet especially since it was a lonnnng day. Just wanted to say thank you for mentioning me! It was an awesome way to end my powerlifting career.
Thanks again,
Kayla Frank

TLF+ said...

Wow, what an honor to have you post here, Kayla!

God bless your future, in lifting and every other endeavor!

Alice C. Linsley said...

Fr. Tim,

It is good to read a story where a father's love for his son is so evident. May our gracious Lord continue to bless you and your family.