Friday, September 7, 2007

That River in Egypt... Those Deck Chairs on the Big Boat...

The Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota Church News is out...

  • There's NOTHING (except a note on the Bishop's calendar) about the upcoming meeting of the House of Bishops and the emergency visit by the Archbishop of Canterbury and other Anglican officials. Nothing about the possible disintegration of the worldwide Anglican Communion.
  • There IS a proposed 2008 diocesan budget, already forecast to be > $50,000 in the red.
  • Despite the deficit, one of the highest budget priorities is... support for the national church (which is presently spending undisclosed sums to sue traditional Christians).
  • There is lengthy coverage of the cumbersome process for electing a bishop coadjutor who will serve alongside the current bishop and then take over when he retires. Lots of inspiring references to canon law and "process" for those who revel in such.
  • Delegates also received (by mail) a kind of "business plan" for the diocese. All the usual wish list stuff. We want to grow. We want to raise money. We want more young people. We want better communication. But there's no evidence that anybody in the diocesan inner circle has a track record of experience or success in these areas.

Oh, and all this from a diocese that exists largely on paper. It claims 92 churches - but the documented Average Sunday Attendance is barely over 2,000 (and it has been falling by about 100 per year since 2003).



Chip Johnson+, cj said...

Well, I did notice this:

"2. Denied consent to the election of The Very Rev.
Mark Lawrence as 14th Bishop of The Diocese of
South Carolina. 12/29/06",

and the new feature, "The Canon's Roar"...hmmm, this sounds almost ominous, doesn't it?

And, Fr. Shoberg, retiring one day too late, or maybe, just in time! Maybe I will attend, alb and white, I can do that.

mwn said...

We think too darn much alike. I sent a letter to the diocese today asking why it feels like they are HIDING.

Then I log on to the computer tonight to find this!


mwn said...

GORGEOUS big horned sheep picture BTW!