Monday, September 24, 2007

MORE of What the Bishops Think of Us...

Anne Kennedy's bolg, An Undercurrent of Hostility, is one of the "useful links" on the left side of this site.

Today, she's posted two wonderful quotes showing where the heads and hearts of our bishops really are:

"From the Bishop of N. Carolina [Michael Curry]: 'Also, shouldn't we quote scripture somewhere in this text?' And [Bishop Catherine] Roskam [of New York]: 'I would hope that we will make mention of these extraordinary stoles that we have been given and that maybe we should have a separate document for this purpose.'"

That's right: Bishop Curry is admitting that our bishops come up with stuff first, and search for Biblical wisdom later. They don't seek guidance from the Bible, they guide the Bible to their own conclusions - despite the promises they made before God and all of us when they were ordained.

And Bishop Roskam shows that getting pretty vestments and perks is really what it's all about in The Episcopal Church today. The church is dying and they play dress up (and write resolutions about how neat that is.)

Be sure to scroll down to my previous post and see what Bishop "I'm too cool for the Midwest" Epting had to say about all of us stupid people...

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