Friday, September 21, 2007

Bureaucrats of the dying Episcopal Church hear from Anglican Christian leaders.

The live bloggers from Stand Firm posted Ruth Gledhill's London Times report on Friday afternoon.

Read it all, especially the words of Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria:

"The current state of the communion as I see it is that we are in a state of broken communion. Some of our colleagues call it impaired communion. Whether impaired or broken, the communion today is not what it was five years ago and the crisis that we have faced these last five years arises from Ecusa's [Episcopal Church USA's] intransigence and obstinate refusal to go in line with the majority of the communion on the question of same-sex unions and the consecration of clergy in same-sex relationships."

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, met with the U.S. House of Bishops in an effort to encourage unity.

The bright spot in the meetings was an address by Archbishop Mouneer Anis of the Anglican Churches in the Middle East. His plain spoken, sincere appeal was not heeded by Episcopalian bureaucrats, but is worth reading as one of the best summaries of the current problem.

The faithful Christian Bishops of the "Global South", along with Biblically faithful American Bishops in an alliance called Common Cause, will have upcoming meetings critical to the future of a Biblically faithful Anglican witness in North America and around the world.

Oh, and for those who wonder, there is NOTHING about any of this on the Diocese of South Dakota website.

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