Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bishops and other assorted Episcopal leaders are lying

Kendall Harmon gives a report on the Episcopal Church's huge membership and financial losses, and the cover up stories told by Episcopal leaders.

Meanwhile, at Stand Firm, Bishop J. Jon Bruno of Los Angeles gets caught fibbing to a press conference. While saying, "I don't know what you're talking about" in response to New York Times question about "same sex blessings" in his Diocese, Bruno conveniently ignored a ceremony last weekend at one of his parishes.

In addition, Stand Firm documents at least four more high-profile same sex ceremonies in Los Angeles as well as a leading L.A. lesbian activist's claim that such events "occur in the Diocese of Los Angeles all the time."

We can argue about all kinds of issues, but one of the reasons that the Episcopal Church is in so much trouble is that its leaders have shown themselves untrustworthy. One of this week's morning lessons (1979 Book of Common Prayer) includes an instruction for Christ's people to live together with "sincerity and truth". Let us pray for honesty from our leaders. The flock needs to know where it is being led, and if the voice calling it is the Good Shepherd or a thief.

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