Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bitter Division Threatens Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls

Although the Anglican Communion has set a September 30th deadline for reform of the Episcopal Church, Good Shepherd parish in Sioux Falls is likely to split on September 15th.

That's when the Nebraska Cornhuskers host the University of Southern California Trojans in Lincoln. Most Good Shepherd parishioners are solid Nebraska fans, but the rector, Fr. Timothy Fountain, is a graduate of USC.

"They want communion? Maybe they should just gnaw corncobs," huffed Fr. Fountain in a recent interview. The parishioners, due to mild midwestern manners, did not make any Trojan jokes in response.

A second crisis looms as USC and Louisiana State are #s 1 & 2 in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) rankings. This has created tension between Fountain and Anglican blogger Brad Drell, an LSU Tiger fan.

Northern Plains Anglicans is unable to confirm a rumor that Drell is offering to host a reconciliation seminar prior to any bowl showdown between the teams.


Milton said...

Would that all our church splits were such! LOL!!!

Phil Snyder said...

I remember growing up at Trinity Cathedral in Omaha, NE. On Sundays during the fall and winter, Dean Fricke would often celebrate and preach a bit hoarse because he had been yelling at the radio the day before for the Nebraska vs whocares game.

Fr. Fountain, repent! Embrace the red of courage and Jesus' blood and the white of our baptism and Jesus' purity!

Remember, Trojans are the symbol of sexual promiscuity!

Phil Snyder

midwestnorwegian said...

Tim...I had my doubts before, but now I am quite certain you are going to hell.

And, as far as I'm can go there WHILE humming "tusk" and parading about in a leather skirt with a scrub brush attached to your head!

Phil - I was a member of Trinity for 8 years before moving back to SD. Didn't know Fricke - but he sure left a legacy at the cathedral there - soup kitchen comes to mind. Nice to know a Trinity blood brother!

Better dead...than USC red.

(UNL class of 1987)

Anonymous said...

Alas, I have had to live with these promiscuous football team leanings of my husband for over 17 years. I tolerate it because he did graduate Summa Cum Laude.

You never know what you will learn about your spouse after you have taken your vows. Shocking.

As for me, also a Californian, U.C.L.A. (who, I know is not as strong as U.S.C.) is the college team I tend to be loyal to. My father went there and had 50 yard line season tickets. (I went to college out-of-state)

Needless to say, this was a truly mixed marriage.


E. said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog!

I'm back on the coffee, and it seems to be working okay right now. I was beginning to consume the stuff at frighteningly high levels (7-8 cups a day, and I weigh only about 105 pounds) and so I really had to get off it entirely for at least a little while before I use it normally.

Dershowitz usually teaches a section of CrimLaw, but isn't this year. I don't know why. My CrimLaw prof is Jeannie Suk. She and her husband, Noah Feldman, are like the David and Victoria Beckham of legal academia.

I'm rather strange, too, so don't worry.

Laocoon said...

Nebraska has a football team?

Phil Snyder said...


I left Trinity in 1977 when my Dad (and my Acolyte Master) was transferred to Castle AFB in California. For me, Dean Fricke is one of the men I think of when I think of "Priest." I was blessed to know him and count it a priviledge that I learned to be an acolyte at Trinity Cathedral.

I can't wait until I get to meet Dean Fricke again. Then he and I can look up Fr. Fountain and straighten him out on football :)

Phil Snyder

Piedmont said...

USC stands for University of Spoiled Children. I'm afraid that Father Tim has been brain-washed.

Chip Johnson+, cj said...

War Eagle, any ole how, you guys!