Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Come out from among them..." Dr. John Maxwell on Paul

Partnerships: They Make or Break the Leader
Healthy leaders often partner with others to reach their goals. In fact, we live in an age of partnerships, both in the corporate world and in the church. Paul reminds us that there is nothing more dangerous to a leader than an unhealthy or destructive partnership. Note several signs of a bad partnership:
  • The parties don't share the same values.
  • The parties don't agree on the goal.
  • One or both parties must compromise their convictions.
  • One party selfishly demands that the other surrender.
  • One party benefits and the other loses.

Good partnerships do not foster codependence or independence, but interdependence. Every party feels secure, is stretched, and enjoys synergy. The partnership multiplies the productivity of both parties.

The Maxwell Leadership Bible, 2002


Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Undoubtedly, the parties don't share the same values or goals. In this case there appears to be one hatefully aggressive group attempting to change to fundamental rules of the Lord and trying to "blackmail" those who disagree by calling them bigots, etc. This is common in countless other situations.

The only people who consider compromising their convictions actually hope that compromise is possible because they are hoping that compromise really means that we all live under the same roof, agreeing to disagree on just a few "minor" issues. Again, even the kindest of these people bury their heads in the sand and when we say as much, we appear to be too aggresive.

The party selfishly demanding that we become Revisionists are not the ones who consider any compromise. They joy in the thought of our surrender to their little clique.

NO party benefits from this behavior, even when there is a black-and-white, obvious right and wrong here. One sues to humiliate the other. For Christians that is unspeakable.

In our case, we aren't looking to sue, to humiliate, to make public displays of either. You know the rest.

While it is not easy we must continue to keep the faith, honor the Lord and continue not to look at this only as a fight against Satan, who has taken over the hearts of people.

YSIC (venting!) Melissa

Alice C. Linsley said...

When I worked at Millersburg Military Institute I was responsible for the daily cadet devotions and I used the Maxwell Leadership Bible. It was perfect for that setting because the school's mission was to prepare future leaders.