Monday, April 6, 2009

Rosebud Reservation Pastor has prophetic vision...

By email, from Pastor Jack Moore:

Summer has almost arrived in South Dakota!
We can see the deer moving around.
Yep, won't be long now...


Anonymous said...

Ah, that is where all the stuff on my lawn went!

TLF+ said...

Yes but we intercepted that small plane you all sent into our airspace yesterday.

Having stopped your snow dumping, we shall proceed with Spring.

Anonymous said...

Cabin fever? :-)

Anonymous said...

Anyways, I figure that states like SD should bow to the inevitable and integrate with the rest of Canada, you have much more in common with us than those strange places that allow warmth in winter.

Georgia said...

After last year's prayer campaign for Rosebud, the title of this post had me all hopeful that something had 'broken loose' and God has spoken to the pastor at Rosebud.

Oh, well.

Let me see if I can spiritualize the photo and the message.

1. Two deer. One cuts through the snow and the other walks in the cleared path.
Jesus Word and 2000 years of tradition must be there for our help us find our way through a life and on an earth under enemy occupation. The places cleared for us by the Word is a map and a provision pack and the ancient Fathers are guideposts that will reliably lead us along the trail and through the wilderness to our goal - the Lord Jesus, our Bridegroom, our dearest Friend.
2. "Summer is almost here. We can see the deer moving around. Yep, it won't be long."

Hmmm. Well, we are to keep our eyes on the goal, the prize, Jesus. Looking forward to Summer while waiting, persevering, even when Winter has persisted a long long time. We know and hold onto the promises of God, the seasons will follow Winter and Morning will follow night, Joy will follow Mourning. If our Joy or Summer is The Lord, (Psalm 73:25,26), we will never be without Joy though our Joy may be the Sacrifices of Joy, Praise and Thanksgiving even in pain, rejection, failure, uncertainty, desperate, barren times, all our circumstances, when the stall is empty and the vine does not bear.

Blessings for all at Rosebud, and those who are in the chilled and frozen in a harsh persistent Winter, thirsting and scorched in a dry hot season in the refining fires; who are surrounded by too many alluring flowers and paths in Spring and cannot see the way; who are fearful and uncertain in an Autumn that seems to have no harvest or reward for their labors, whose barns have been broken into and left empty. May each be blessed being brought to remembrance of the Good News of worship, of waiting in Jerusalem (Yireh: worship, reverence, trust, awe, the experiential knowledge of God that avails us of His Shalom: the peace of God and peace with God, and all the true blessings and spiritual riches of God)


Georgia said...

That's 'Jesus, The Word...'