Friday, April 3, 2009

More "before I take this Bishop election too seriously..."

As I've mentioned too many times in the past few days, the Blue Book prepared for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church (meets in Anaheim, CA this summer) points out five major stresses on the denomination:
  1. Conflict, most seriously and mainly over homosexual ministry entitlements
  2. Division of the church into factions which do not listen to one another
  3. Lack of common faith language, with the resultant lack of unity
  4. Members are well older than the national average and deaths exceed births by about 19,000 per year
  5. Financial distress

So, what is our major legislative body poised to discuss?

More entitlements and advocacy for the homosexual and other-sexual advocates.

Almost half of the resolutions submitted to General Convention are about advancing the homo- and other-sexual agenda in church and society. You can see them at the site for Integrity, the Episcopal Church's main homosexual and other-sexual advocacy organization.

So, whichever candidate we elect as bishop for South Dakota will be hobbled by a denomination that is disposing of most members in order to favor a few. Even a pro-"agenda" bishop will be getting little more than pats on the head, since the denomination is not addressing its stated problems - indeed, it is going to agitate them some more.


Alice C. Linsley said...

This "church" is lost in darkness.

Lord have mercy on you, Father Timothy, as you allow HIS light to shine through you.

TLF+ said...

Hi, Alice. I think that all the dishonesty is what I can't stand. All the stuff about inclusion, open minds, blah blah when really we are stuck with a narrow and elitist vision of the church.

And now here's is a report by TEC's own House of Deputies, confirming what many of us have been saying for years. And the Presiding Bishop - THE PRESIDING BISHOP - runs around saying "All is well" and "There are only a few malcontents." Is Schori a liar or an incompetent? Those are the only two choices to describe her public representations of the state of the denomination.

There is nothing in the GenCon agenda that seems responsive to the five problems.

We've got more and more power centralized with people who are either dishonest or not competent to lead or both, and the folks left in the pews are increasingly old and just want some spiritual comfort.

You know what? When all and said and done, it is the "malcontents" who love the church. Abrasive as we are, we see what's happening and warn about it. The people who are killing the church can call themselves "prophets of peace and justice," but when all is said and done they advance themselves and destroy the church.

Alice C. Linsley said...

I pray for you and my Anglican friends. TEC's radical agenda is contrary to God's Word and to Reality. These leaders are deluded by their greed for power and blinded by their sin, but this is not a new problem. Christ appeared to such as these blind hypocrites and they rejected Him then, as they reject Him now. In the end, their apostasy had zero effect on God's glorious plan!

Georgia said...

Amen to both of you. I pray you have a blessed Holy are very beloved of God and many of us.
Thank you for your witness.
Hug your families.