Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bishop Candidates - Emphasis on Youth

Hard to compare apples to apples and to be fair. Candidates Dunn and Stebinger have well developed parish websites, which are very helpful. Found the Standing Rock Mission site for Floberg. Having to dig a bit more on Tarrant.

Tarrant - having a hard time finding details but you get a bit in about the 10th - 12th paragraphs of this Episcopal News Service piece.

Floberg via a Standing Rock Newsletter. (A commenter has given a couple of other useful links below). Also this site.

Dunn via his parish site.

Stebinger via his very good parish site.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff.

Another Standing Rock newsletter HERE:

(Hope that comes through, as I'm not all that technologically proficient.)

Also, going to THIS page: you can get links to another newsletter, etc.

In my mind, reading other Episcopal churches' newsletters is a MUST.

You can learn a lot. For example, I found that Father Floberg's wife is a minister. Is this germane? I leave it up to the reader.

And you can certainly see what activities are going on, how the vestry is doing,etc., etc., all pieces of the puzzle.

TLF+ said...

Wow, thanks, Anonymous. This is the kind of stuff people need to look at.

Anonymous said...

This, too, which shows also that Floberg's wife, the Rev. Sloane Floberg, has a role in the youth ministry:

Anonymous said...

Native Young Life thing -- whatever that is -- is quite impressive.

Very interesting.

Good research here too, folks.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article on the Flobergs' (both husband and wife) youth ministry:

Anonymous said...

From the Proceedings of the Thirty-Sixth Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota, p. 29 (whole document at: )

"Terry Star (St. Luke's, Ft. Yates) and Deacon Sloane Floberg (St. Luke's, Ft. Yates; St, James, Cannonball; Church of the Cross, Selfridge) reported on Young Life on Standing Rock. Star reported that Native Young Life on Standing Rock is being recognized as a model for Native Young Life in other locations."

Sounds good.