Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prayers for Bishop Candidates and Convention Delegates Today

We offered special lessons and intentions at our Wednesday Holy Communion today. Prayed for all four of the Bishop candidates, for the Convention delegates, and for our parish delegation in particular.

Folks laid hands on me and prayed after the service - my wife has a disability hearing on the 24th, my older kid has 4 pins in his shoulder, and the youngest had a seizure this a.m.

If I didn't have Christ lifting all this stuff, I could not go on. My wife has been absolutely heroic in caring for the kids at home despite her illness. And I am so blessed to have intercessors all around me - here in the parish and many other places. Thanks be to God - my thanks to all of you.


Anonymous said...

Lurking for the main part, but you have my prayers...

TLF+ said...

You'll be lurking awhile. The candidate walkabouts are toward the end of April and into May (election May 9). And the Diocesan News with the candidates' statements didn't reach input deadline until today .

So I'm trying to get some informed discussion going.

Thanks for praying - it does mean a lot.