Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Shopping Tip: Invest in Human Garbage instead of Dust-catchers

Yet we are treated like the world’s garbage, like everybody’s trash—right up to the present moment.
First Corinthians 4:13

Our Sunday Evening Prayer via Skype was blessed by witness and prayer from the Rev. Julian Dobbs of The Barnabas Fund. The fund exists to give encouragement (Barnabas = "son of encouragement") to Christ's suffering church around the world. The fund is building houses for displaced Iraqi Christians, among many other fine advocacy and service initiatives.

We heard current news of what our brothers and sisters in Christ suffer today. Persecution is not ancient history or Hollywood epic. Christians are dying, facing discrimination and many other sufferings in many places, right now. In just one of many examples that Julian reports, Muslims threatened to cut off the hands of Christian neighbors "if they prayed too loudly" in church.

Please consider a gift to the Barnabas Fund. We spend so much on token trinkets - dust catchers - why not put that money into a Barnabas Fund donation, in the name of someone for whom you shop?

Invest in your persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ - they are the world's garbage, but Christ's own treasure.


The Oblate said...

Being a member of The Voice of the Martyrs I read about the persecution of Christians alot. We must stand firm in our prayers for them. On November 12th two sisters were killed in Mosul, Iraq by Islamic extremists. The two sisters were 2 of the 800,000 Christians in that country--a country of 26 million people. The one sister was just standing, waiting for the bus.

Pray displaced families will return safely to their homes, and ask God to protect them and other believers as they risk all for their faith.

Check out the Barnabas Fund website and see what you can do to help their ministry. Also check out the Voice of the Martyr web site.
Either way, pray for all those who desperatley need our prayers!

Perpetua said...

What is the difference in focus of Voice of the Martyrs vs. Barnabus Fund? Also, is either Anglican? Is either affiliated with any particular denomination?

TLF+ said...

BF and VOM are both fine organizations and function across denominational lines... I know that BF has worked cooperatively with the Syrian Orthodox Church to help Iraqi refugees.

Julian Dobbs of BF is an Anglican Priest from New Zealand and is affiliated with the work of CANA in the U.S.

Perpetua said...

Thank you, Tim+. Reading the Barnabus website made me realize I needed to correct my earlier post about media reporting of the riots in Jos. So now I have created a new post with the information from the Barnabus Fund that Christian Leaders Believe Riots Were Coordinated and Planned.

And I will definitely be making a donation!!!