Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New North American Anglican Province: Press Conference and Worship Service LIVE TONIGHT

Stream Starts around 5:15pm CST.

5:30 CST Press Conference

7:30 CST Worship Service

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The Archer of the Forest said...

I have to admit I am dubious about this alternative Anglican Province and how it will function long term. I wish them well, but the groups involved in this are a most eclectic mixture to say the least: FIFNA, Reformed Episcopal Church, American Anglican Council, AMiA, etc. Talk about Politics Making Strange Bedfellows...

TLF+ said...


Yes - there are questions. You have the likes of Kendall Harmon of TitusOneNine in a "wait and see" stance, and Sarah Hey of Stand Firm who is close to your position.

TLF+ said...

Which is to say,I have good friends all over this map... inside TEC,realigned, out of church in disgust, waiting and watching, etc. etc. etc.