Friday, December 12, 2008

Citigroup Layoffs in Sioux Falls; 3M's Brookings operation will gain jobs

Citigroup's Sioux Falls operations are laying off a number of people. Hard hit were "trainers" in areas where the lending business is tapering back and new trainees are not being added.

Some folks I know said that meetings between management and employees were tense. One of the most emphatic questions was, "How can you take tax-payer bail out money, and then lay off a bunch of tax-payers?"

Meanwhile, 3M is laying off 1,800 people in various locations - but the Brookings, SD plant (mainly makes medical supplies) will probably add a few jobs as the company restructures.


Anonymous said...

Citi layoff many many middle class employees from bottom positions after taking tax money paid to govt from same middle class people. Citi spends half billion dollar in advt for their change in logo alone this year.. If Obama is talking real change then the lay off needs to starts from the greedy top executives level

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above: Citi didn't spend money on the logo change. They sold the umbrella part of the logo back to Travellers and used the money from that to make the adjustments to their new logo. Even in good times, a smart company wouldn't drop that kind of money on a logo change. Get your facts straight.