Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More irresponsibility with God's money: Episcopal Church starts shell game to hide lawsuit spending

Here is how the game works:
  1. Several whole dioceses (San Joaquin, CA; Pittsburgh, PA; Quincy, IL; Ft. Worth, TX) voted to disaffiliate from The Episcopal Church (TEC) and continue ministry as part of another Anglican Province.
  2. TEC comes in and forms a new "diocese" with a few remaining loyalists (about 25 - yes, twenty five - showed up for a rally in Ft. Worth).
  3. TEC funds the new diocese with hundreds of thousands of "operating dollars."
  4. The new diocese uses that money to...


So, if you look at the national TEC budget, it will show much less lawsuit spending than is actually going on. It simply sends "mission money" to proxies who file the lawsuits.

Remember this as your diocese asks for more money.

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