Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christians under attack in Nigeria - Church requests prayer

Archbishop of Jos appeals for prayer amidst violence in Jos, Nigeria

November 29th, 2008
Please pray for us in Jos, we are being attacked by Muslims. Churches have been burnt, no exact figures of casualties yet. We need prayer to stay the hand the hand of bloodshed, destruction, violence and death. Pray for instant return to peace and order. The crisis began around 2am Friday after local elections in Jos, why Christians must pay for this I do not know.
The Lord be with you, +benjos (Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi)

Update Saturday morning
Archbishop Kwashi reports: "The reports from those I have sent out to collect information are that the Muslims are attacking and burning this morning. It looks well co-ordinated. They are well armed with AK 47 and pump machine guns. This morning they have been at Dogonduste. Quite a number of Christian homes have been burnt. We do not know how many have been killed. The local government has underestimated the vehemence of the militants. At the moment this is all restricted to Jos City.We ask prayer for knowing the right thing to do. I have moved one of our archdeacons and his family to live in our home. St Luke's Cathedral is in the middle of the area of violence. We hope we can proceed with our normal services tomorrow."


Alice C. Linsley said...

Father Tim, you know my Genesis research indicates that Abraham's ancestors came out of the Jos-Mega Chad area of Africa. That is why I have followed developments there for many years. The Christians there have been under attack from Muslim mercenaries coming from the north for decades, but now Jihadists are hoping to drive them away through intimidation so that Islam can be planted in the Jos Plateau. Anyone who still believes that Islam is a "religion of peace" is simply blind.

TLF+ said...

Thanks, Alice, for the historical perspective on this.

May the Lord himself stand by his suffering people and bring life to those who are truly dying: the persecutors who think that their violence is a service to God. May many repent to "burn what they have worshipped and worship what they have burned."

Alice C. Linsley said...

May it be so!