Friday, May 7, 2010

Wonder if "Sex and the City 2" can be the new "Ishtar"?

Happened to catch a commercial for yet another episode - uh, feature length film - of "Sex and the City." For those with lives, this was a show that made basically one episode and kept showing it over and over 'cuz people seemed to laugh at the same jokes. Matt Groening had fun with it on "The Simpsons," as Marge's bitter spinster sisters hear an announcer say something like "And now back to 'Sex and the City,' a show about middle aged women acting like gay men." "Their lives are so much like ours," intoned one sister.

Anyway, time is not being all that kind to some of the show's stars, and the new version appears to have a desert interlude, and these things reminded me of Ishtar, a film in which once dashing-but-then-midlife Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman did a desert buddy comedy. It was a bomb, even becoming a colloquialism for awhile ("This film turkey could be the next 'Ishtar.'")

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