Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lighten up

Man, was I on to something with my "Rodent in Autumn" riff. At least something God wanted me to look at. The prayerful bloggers at Lent & Beyond threw this on the growing pile of insight:

Father, you know that I don’t do so well when I look inward, so I’m going to stop. I am relying on You to point out to me the things that I need to see.

I promise to stay in Your Word. You said that Your Word was a sword–so please use it to cut me deeply. Expose those things in me that are not pleasing to You. But in doing so, please give me the grace to forsake them.

I also promise to come before You daily. Your presence is like a fire. Please burn from me those things that are unpleasing to You. Melt my heart until it becomes like the heart of Jesus. Be merciful to me in these things.

I also promise to stay in fellowship with Your people. You said that iron sharpens iron. I expect You to anoint the “wounds of a friend” to bring me to my senses when I’m being resistant toward You.

Please use these tools to shape my life until Jesus alone is seen in me. I believe that You have given me Your heart and mind. By Your grace I am a new creation. I want that reality to be seen that the name of Jesus would be held in highest honor. (Pastor Bill Johnson)

That is good counsel and right prayer for those of us who go too heavy on ourselves, who let our own ego needs crowd out the love that God offers.

See what I mean about God laying on the insight, despite my moods?

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