Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love, prayer, power

By email, from the daughter of a cancer patient for whom we've been praying:

Hi Rev. Fountain,

Thank you so much for your prayers. Right now, we live each day to the fullest. My mom is responding to her new round of chemo tx, and it seems to be working! its a miracle. Last month, the doctor gave her 1 month to live, and now he said that he's very "pleased" with her progress. Her breathing is back to normal, she can walk again, and she even sang at Sunday's service!

We are pleased, yet just take each day as it comes.

Sorry I wasn't able to answer your email right away. I just moved home after 3 months of taking care of my dear mother. Now that she's doing so well, my services were no longer needed! lol

Thanks be to God!

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Scott said...

Thumbs UP God! :-)