Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Would-be Bishop of Northern Michigan blows off the Book of Common Prayer, Canons of the Episcopal Church and the General Convention

And this guy is to be a Bishop, with leadership responsibility beyond his own diocese?

The congregation led by the Diocese of Northern Michigan’s bishop-elect often uses locally written eucharistic rites rather than those of the Book of Common Prayer or the supplemental liturgical texts authorized by General Convention.

St. Paul’s Church, Marquette, also regularly uses The Inclusive Hebrew Scriptures and The Inclusive New Testament, which are published by a liberal Roman Catholic organization, Priests for Equality.

Those lectionary texts are not among the several Bibles authorized by Title II, Canon 2, including the gender-inclusive New Revised Standard Version. That canon allows for “other versions of the Bible, including those in languages other than English, which shall be authorized by diocesan bishops for specific use in congregations or ministries within their dioceses.”

There's more at TheLivingChurch. h/t Transfigurations.

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