Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shameless Rector Crowing - My Senior Warden from Last Year Gets A Civic Award

Just got news that Stacey Lenker, Good Shepherd's Senior Warden in 2007 & '08, is getting a "YWCA Tribute to Women Award" next week.

Employees at Avera McKennan Medical Center put her name in, acclaiming her excellent professional leadership and healthy balance of family life, work and community service.

Stacey and her husband Bill have two kids. After two very fruitful years as Senior Warden, Stacey continues to enrich the parish by fostering the growth of small groups. She initiated the first round of home Bible study fellowships that are having a powerful impact on Good Shepherd.

Small churches fret about many things, but everything comes 'round to recognizing the gifts that God has provided in the people. They are always the starting place for the ministry that God envisions for a congregation. The seeds of the fruit God wants are right there, right now, in the people He's planted in a given place and time.

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The Oblate said...

What a blessing Stacey is to Good Shepherd. I am proud to say I know her and her husband Bill. Both are hard working Christians who are raising two beautiful children. Stacey was been a source of strenghth during her two years as Senior Warden. Her leadership skills are exemplary. No wonder she was chosen for this award. I wanna be just like her when I grow up!