Monday, March 2, 2009

Unintended Consequences

I've said it before: The one statement that most Americans of any political stripe seem to accept is, "Keep the government out of our bedrooms."

Well and good if kept to that. Let bedroom choices be between the citizens and their God, moral agents "working out their salvation with fear and trembling" as St. Paul puts it. (You might be thinking with fear and trembling about some of the people you've let into your bedroom, but I digress...)

But this restraint on government, which is what rights are all about, is very different from government actively advocating any kind of bedroom stuff. Keep out means keep out, and it doesn't matter if you are intruder or cheerleader.

This is where the LGBT (or just plain ol' "gay") movement, at least its most fanatic activists, allies with overreaching government to destroy rights.

Anglican Mainstream has posted a very helpful summary of the civil rights abuses that are taking place in the real world, as government seeks not so much to protect gay lifestyle choices as to endorse and advocate them. Go to the link and read the whole thing (and the summary contains a link to even more detailed analysis). Please absorb the key point:

It is on this issue that there is a serious prospect of radical abridgement of your religious and civil freedoms, to the point of being fired or imprisoned.


Anonymous said...

All is not lost...

Dr. Gagnon and everyone should begin to gather irrefutable evidence of the medical/physical, emotional/psychological harm that comes out of the so-called 'gay' lifestyle. We already know about the spiritual harm and that this is not a healthy or holy way of life.

Here's a story on video that will encourage you, Fr. Timothy. Not all persons caught in the tentacles and torments of homosexuality are happy...look and listened what happened when one woman came out into the arms of Jesus Christ:

Perpetua said...

Dear Father Timothy,

I am wondering about the date on this article at Anglican Mainstream. I googled the web regarding the Philadelphia Outfest incident and found that the arrest referred to as "just three weeks ago" actually occurred in 2004.

TLF+ said...

Perpetua - as near as I can tell, you are correct. I went to the site of the Philadelphia group that was arrested.

Near as I can tell, one of two problems exist in the Gagnon paragraph:

1) He slipped on including the year of an old clipping - you'll notice that many of the incidents he cites are years old, and he might have pulled up the press clippings on the PA incident and then just failed to update...


2) He's conflated the arrest with on-going litigation that appears to be unfolding even now.

anonymous - thanks for jumping in! Will have a look at the link.

cp said...

Here's my favorite quote from this:

Suppose your child wonders whether he or she is bisexual, homosexual, or transgendered—not a far-fetched possibility given the coercive promotion of bisexuality, homosexuality, and transgenderism in the school systems and the higher percentage of orientation confusion among adolescents.

I'd write this...

Suppose your child wonders whether he or she is bisexual, homosexual, or transgender—not a far-fetched possibility in reality.

It's transgender, by the way, not transgendered.

Peace (and reality) be with you.

TLF+ said...

But the reality is that people are losing jobs and having freedoms eroded.

Keep it in the bedroom. Government does not belong there, affirmatively or negatively.

Reality is that people exist with all kinds of confusions, bear all kinds of slights, and all sorts of other normal difficulties that are not the business of the state to solve. That's reality, too. The schools are not there to preach your creed or mine.

If they were there to simply share FACTS, they would be telling students about the statistical outcomes of single parenting (not good), and the hight rates of STDs and other maladies associated with gay men. You don't have to preach moral reproach to share reality that speaks for itself.