Saturday, March 28, 2009

The definition of insanity

From the Episcopal "State of the Church" report...

" of our church's goals should be the development of a more diverse clergy and lay leadership cadre that more nearly resembles the demographics of the populations of the unchurched it seeks to serve. If we design ministry, worship and programs of outreach that are truly oriented to people of all descriptions, The Episcopal Church may prosper and grow..."

The promise of consecrating a homosexual bishop was church growth. Gays, young people and all sorts of unchurched folks were supposed to swarm to our enlightened church.

Guess what. As the report itself documents, the approach failed. It conflicted and drove off existing members, and accelerated the number of congregations that are NOT attracting unchurched people.

This is a crazy failure to learn from experience. An organization does not grow and prosper by becoming like what it is not. A church does not grow and prosper by aping the unchurched, but by offering them an alternative way of thinking and living.

Real simple: the more we become like the unchurched, the more of our people move into the unchurched ranks. Why should I devote my time, talent and treasure to an organization that offers me nothing that I can't have without it?


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Blogger said...

Amen brother. The message of Jesus Christ does not change. We can change how we deliver it (email, podcast, blog, worship service, contemporary, modern) but the message will never change.