Thursday, June 14, 2007

Telling the Truth

Because The Episcopal Church (TEC) and diocesan bureaucracies control and distort news, bloggers are an important source of truth about what's really going on in church.

The Anglican Watchman is speaking up in the Diocese of Newark (NJ), one of the worst of the worst when it comes to dioceses that betray the Gospel.

His article is really worth a look. Notice how
  • The "inclusive, diverse" church hammers minority congregations that don't bow down to the idolatrous LGBT agenda;
  • How decisions are made that enrich the bureaucrats and abandon the congregations;
  • How diocesan staffs manipulate the process to employ their clergy cronies (especially LGBT);
  • How the congregations wither while the bureaucracy persists.

This fall, the Diocese of South Dakota will call for the election of a new bishop - expect to see all or some of the above corruptions in play.


David O'Hara said...

It would be interesting to find out why Blakeney stays with TEC, especially in that diocese. Unfortunately, there's no apparent way to get in touch to ask him/her.

Northern Plains Anglicans said...

Dear Mr. O'Hara - his page seems to be a Blogspot like ours...if you click on "view profile" it should take you to a page with his email address or a link.

Thanks for posting - you've nailed the struggle most Anglicans now face in North America. Stay and see what (if anything) is made available to those who hold the Biblical faith, or leave for/start something new?

We hope to post some threads about both models in the near future.