Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Episcopal Church - Stay in or Get Out? (Part 2 of 3)

A model that might be called "stay and fight it out" can be found here. These are folks who will try to keep their leaders, property and organizational structures, relying on leadership from the worldwide Anglican Communion to recognize and support them.

This model is best suited to the few dioceses (or, in some cases, groups of congregations or very large congregations) that have Biblical, orthodox leadership and a majority among members. South Dakota is not in this position, nor is there any large parish in financial position to engage in extended litigation with TEC and the Diocese.

A quote from the linked site:

Should the Diocese elect to stay with the Anglican Communion and reject the Episcopal Church, angry and unprincipled actions by the Episcopal Church can be expected. They could attempt to depose our bishops and clergy, installing rogue bishops and priests in their place. They have already unleashed a cascade of law suits against persons and parishes who can no longer abide with what appears to be apostacy and heresy. These suits are in contravention of Scripture, but procede apace. This, in spite of the stated request of the Tanzanian Communique to forswear such legal tactics.

God bless these faithful Anglicans in whatever lies ahead.