Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Canopy of Prayer

A wonderful Christian prayer ministry, Command 2, is calling on Christians all across South Dakota to take part in next week's Canopy of Prayer.

Anglicans might find this a valuable undertaking. Anglicanism always considers the "parish" in broad terms. We are placed in some part of God's world to minister to the whole population around us. Canopy of Prayer provides an opportunity for us to step out in prayerful ministry to our neighbors - right next door and across the whole state.

Recommended observations include:

A Three-day Fast - Beginning on Wednesday July 4th at 7:00 PM through Saturday July 7th to 7:00 PM (please remember that a fast need not be complete abstinence from food - it can be a modified or simplified diet, denying ourselves whatever is familiar and comfortable to be more in the perfect presence of God).

Prayer Walking - Friday July 6th. Go to www.commandtwo.org or call Pastor Dwayne @ 338-7596 for details... do you walk your dog? Ride your bike? Take some time on Friday to walk around the area where you live or work, and lift up prayer (some great resources are at the Command 2 site or of course in The Book of Common Prayer) for the following intentions:

1. Pray for homes, families and marriages - against spiritual destruction
2. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s purifying fire - subduing the old nature
and all destructive habits.
3. Religious institution/ Pray for a servant spirit to be embraced.
Stand against religious controlling spirits and vain imaginations.
4. Pray for young people, for the outpouring of faith and devotion
in our children, youth, and young adults. Pray protection from
negative media influences.
5. Pray the church would be a house of “Living Stones” rather than
a place of social interaction.
6. Pray for pastors/leadership. Pray for pastors and leaders to disciple
their families as well as their flocks.
7. Pray against a lukewarm spirit in the church and the lack of substance
8. Pray for institutions - Health care and businesses - Pray that institutions
would stop seeking a false prosperity at the expense of
lives being destroyed in their midst.
9. Pray for Ambassadors of Christ to be raised up and stand in the
gap, speaking boldly in the counsel of God for our cities, state,
nation, and world.

In Sioux Falls, Church of the Good Shepherd will host a free drive-thru coffee stand in their parking lot from 6 - 9 a.m. on Friday, July 6th. Hosts will offer to pray for the concerns of any drivers who stop by.

Please consider a prayerful, loving witness in your community. Share any information about such events by leaving a comment on this thread!

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