Saturday, June 23, 2007

Prayer for the Reservations - Violent Crime is Rising

Violent crime is out of control on the Reservations here in the Dakotas. The problems are so severe that they are under discussion in Washington, DC.

Anglicans should have a special prayer burden for the Reservations. Under government direction back in the days of President Grant, The Episcopal Church was ceded most Reservation ministry in the Dakotas.

Lakota/Nakota/Dakota men, in particular, had their traditional roles as hunters and warriors destroyed by White control. Add to this poverty, generational cycles of addiction and other significant health issues, and a hellish environment is not hard to imagine.

Itancan, onsiundamiye; Lord, have mercy; Itancan, onsiundamiye;
Christ, onsiundamiye; Christ, have mercy; Christ, onsiundamiye;
Itancan, onsiundamiye; Lord, have mercy; Itancan, onsiundamiye.

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