Thursday, January 13, 2011

South Dakota opportunities...

1) Sioux Falls has a good Library system. The current director, Sally Felix, retires on Feb. 25th, and Mayor Mike Huether will be seeking the right person to fill the job.

2) Are you an Attorney, with your law school debts behind you and maybe more interest in quality of life than big income? South Dakota's many small towns and rural areas need you:

[SD Chief Justice John] Gilbertson also talked about the decline of lawyers in South Dakota's small towns, saying it's created "a rural sea of justice denied."

Cities have seen a sharp decline in available lawyers for hire over the years, and many of the lawyers who remain in rural areas are close to retirement age, Gilbertson said.

The economic burden for opening a private practice can be too much for recent law school graduates, he added.

Gilbertson said the issue cannot be ignored, but he opposes using public dollars without a solution.

"At this point, no concrete plan exists," he said.

I would welcome the immigration of an Episcopalian/Anglican Library Director. And our Diocese has churches out serving those towns for you Attorneys.

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