Thursday, January 27, 2011

Costly Grace: Timothy, Titus, Silas, the Dude who sold them Doughnuts, and the Taxi camel driver...

Parish priest makes a good critique of yet another incoherent, top-down denominational innovation.

"I make no bones about the fact that I do not like the trial use Kalendar of Saints that the Episcopal Church is floating in the attempt to revise the Lesser Feasts and Fasts calendar. It is entitled Holy Women, Holy Men. You can find the daily blurbs here at the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music blog. I think the very name of it belies the politically driven motivations behind it. They could just as easily have called it something like the Holy People of God or even the New Feast Day Calendar. That, combined with the fact that the blog headings include Resources for Same Sex Blessings and Hymnal Revision, I have to cringe at the thought that the powers that be may soon have enough political chips to tackle Prayerbook revision again, but that's neither here nor there for purposes on this blog entry.

I did not like the way new saints were added to the liturgical calendar in a buckshot method at General Convention a few years back now. Heretofore each addition to the calendar of saints had to be proposed and debated on the floor on a proposed saint by saint basis. The way Holy Women, Holy Men was presented as a take it all or leave it all format just did not sit well with me from the get go..."

Yes, Church conventions, especially national church conventions, are pretty much live performances of Dilbert cartoons.

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