Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dean of North Dakota's Episcopal Cathedral will join Roman Catholic Church

The Episcopal Diocese of North Dakota: From Bishop Smith re: Gethsemane Cathedral

h/t TitusOneNine

The new "Ordinariate" offered by Pope Benedict allows Anglicans to come into Rome's jurisdiction and formal fellowship. It is one of the routes of exit being taken by clergy and, in some cases, whole congregations unable to navigate the incoherent leadership and spiritual chaos of the Church of England, the Episcopal Church and other old line Anglican Provinces.

North Dakota's Bishop, Michael Smith, is well regarded as a faithful Christian and a sober voice in the midst of denominational conflict. Even with this good Bishop as his Diocesan, the Dean (the pastor to the Cathedral's congregation) perceived the need to move on. Although a Cathedral Dean is conspicuous, this story is being played out daily all over The Episcopal Church in terms of early clergy retirements, lay people leaving for other churches, or people simply dropping out of church life altogether.

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