Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Single issue, blind faith zealots

The Presbyterian blogger known as The Reformed Pastor nails the partisan denominational bureaucrats who make up the "Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice,"

Gosnell: The Silence is Deafening « The Reformed Pastor

"It’s now been seven days since the Philadelphia Inquirer broke the story of the grand jury report on abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell. So far, neither the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, nor its member organizations including the Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church (USA), United Church of Christ, United Methodist General Board of Church and Society and Women’s Division, and various mainline church caucuses, have had a single word to say about Gosnell.

Keep in mind that this was a major news story that involved the killing of at least seven babies (and very possibly hundreds more) as well as at least one woman...

Now, here’s the contrast that comes to mind. After the mass murder in Tucson, the mainline denominations, along with the National Council of Churches, leapt in with a variety of statements. For example, the NCC has had four different items on its home page about Tucson. The Presbyterian News Service has published five (including one from the Religion News Service on [some] Jewish reaction to Sarah Palin’s use of the term “blood libel”), the Episcopal News Service two (including one that tried to link the Tucson murders to the debate over health care reform), and the UM GBCS three in their January 18 newsletter and another one on gun control in their January 25 edition. Most of them were variations on the two themes of greater regulation of guns and gun accessories as well as the need to 'tone down' the political rhetoric...

Instead, through their creature the RCRC, the mainline denominations are pushing Congress to do what 80% of the American people, as well as a similar percentage of members of mainline churches don’t want to see happen, which is for abortion to become the one “right” that all of us have to subsidize the exercise thereof..."

Single issue, blind faith zealots - with very bloody hands in this case. It appears that even common sense health regulation of legal abortion clinics in Pennsylvania was scaled back in fear of the screeching from the abortion absolutists.

Folks on the left grouse about South Dakota's restrictions of abortion access. A plague of back alley bloodshed is threatened if the junk science and junk law of Roe v. Wade are one day overturned. But Gosnell's house of horrors happened with Roe as the law of the land, in a state where the government kowtowed to the abortion zealots rather than the enacted safety codes of the state. Gosnell is what happens when people claim to be "civil" when what they really mean is, "We're just scared when the crazy people scream at us."

I've participated in silent prolife demonstrations, saying nothing and just standing in place. I've never had so much profanity, screaming and hostile gestures come my way in my entire life. The current calls for "civility" ring hollow when the abortion zealots carry on like that, when front "religious" groups can only endorse but not correct their excesses, and when media coverage manifestly takes their side.

I'm surprised the Philadelphia Inquirer is allowed to stay in business after outing the evil at Gosnell's legal abortion clinic. There are certainly lunatics writing letters to the editors, blaming pro-life people for the carnage and advertising for other clinics to serve women put out by Gosnell's closing.

Civility? We're still a society in which the most unhinged shriekers get their way, even if it is bloody. And they are lobbying to have those who object pay for it as well - on the letterheads of mainline "churches."

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