Monday, April 19, 2010

"The treachery of another Gospel which is afraid of and denies the deity of Christ."

Nigeria's new Anglican Archbishop, Nicholas Okoh, summarizes the Christian message in a plenary sesson of the Global South Encounter:

Global South Anglican - GSE4 Thematic Address 1: “The Gospel of Jesus Christ” - Abp Nicholas Okoh

He gives seven "motifs" of the Gospel of Christ:
1. Evangelism
2. Suffering
3. Obedience
4. Repentance
5. Transformation
6. Peace
7. Love

In his Conclusion, he calls for "economic empowerment" to overcome systemic evils in the Global South, and then calls BS on Euro-American culture Christianity:

"The treachery of another Gospel which is afraid of and denies the deity of Christ."

That is some penetrating truth. The end point of contemporary church disputes isn't "sex." Sexual minorities are used as a smokescreen by cyncial enemies of traditional, Biblically accurate and Credally faithful Christianity. At the end of the day, the effort is to get the Bible and traditional Christian teaching out of the way so that "another Gospel" - a false one - can put on religious clothes and serve as a fawning chaplaincy to worldly powers. It sounds liberating and compassionate, but it is just another effort to ration freedom and compassion by the whims of worldly elites.

Archbishop Okoh rightly sees freedom and compassion flowing from the inexhaustible stores of heaven, from an authority not subject to earthly powers. That is why such powers fear and deny that Jesus Christ is "God's only Son, our Lord."


Ann said...

You nailed it! Thank you!

Jill said...

Someday we may look back on all this and realized that we truly did live through some interesting times. I believe history is in the making over there in Singapore.