Thursday, April 29, 2010

Prayer request for SD's man in the Sudan!

Received by email from his support team:

Dear Friends,

Please pray for Moses Jokhnial II as he recovers in an Ugandan
hospital from a serious infection called necrofasciitis. Two weeks
ago, he was airlifted from his village in South Sudan, where he has
been working on his school project since December. He became ill upon
returning from a week's trip away from his village to collect
additional building supplies. Months of hard work, heat, and lack of
good nutrition may well have left him susceptible to such an infection.

His doctors report him to be stable and showing good progress these
last several days. We are grateful for their knowledge and skills as
certainly they have saved his life. A blessing is our Ugandan worker
Moshe, who stays with him day and night. When I suggested Moshe take
a break one night and go to his home, his comment was, "I cannot leave
my father's side." He is in fact 15 years older than Moses. Such
loyalty and compassion he is offering Moses when just a year ago they
were strangers! Thanks be to God for all the good people in the world.

While we are very anxious for Moses to return home, we are listening
carefully to his doctors' recommendations as to when it will be safe
for him to travel. His recovery will be long. So once he returns
home, there will be many opportunities for us to give him lots of TLC.

Since feeling better, Moses never fails to ask me to send greetings to
everyone back home and to say that he misses everyone. He would want
me to share photos and progress of his school project in this
message. The school is 95% completed with the roofing, doors, and
windows finished last week. Four grinding mills have been installed
in his village and the surrounding villages to help girls attend
school. Eight sewing machines have been supplied. Ellie Keirnes and
Myrna Stanley, who traveled with me to his village in March, helped
deliver school supplies, medical supplies, sports uniforms for the
soccer and volleyball teams, washable sanitary pads, clothing, fabric,
wheelchairs, letters from American students, flags for the school,
banners for the churches, vestments - and much more. The celebrations
were many by the villagers in appreciation for the many helpful
changes coming to them!

Besides the school project, Moses is helping facilitate the building
of church structures for the three denominations in his village. Our
Ugandan workers have been hired to help the parishioners with some of
the construction and are installing the metal roofs this week. This
has to please Moses greatly to know the work continues.

The positive changes in one year's time in this community are
extraordinary. Moses's village was almost unrecognizable to me from
last year's visit to this one. The feeling of hope for a better
future is everywhere. Because of your generous contributions, Moses's
vision has become reality.

We appreciate your prayers for Moses's healing.

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