Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sympathy Rant on...

I was having lunch at the medical center today and eavesdropped on some supervisors. They were lamenting a new trend: would-be employees are now submitting job applications written as if text-messaged. Stuff like,

i think i can add the talent ur looking for i have exp in similar i know people in the field and have learned from them what you need i can give

I am getting more out of touch and irrelevant by the day. I find miserable company as I sympathize with people who offer jobs and receive this kind of crap in response.

Sympathy Rant off.


Papa Joe said...

Completely off topic. I miss the robins.

TLF+ said...

LOL thanks, Joe - I'll bring something natural back in a few days. I just really liked the article that went with this pic at the Dennisranch blog.

You could have protested thematically, by sending a message with no capitalization or punctuation! So thanks for goin' easy on me this time.