Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pro-abortion zealots go heavy on deception and out-of-state funds - Please pray, give and VOTE FOR LIFE

The effort to end elective abortion (97% of the abortions in South Dakota) is coming down to election day.
  • The pro-abortion advocates have received and spent twice as much as Vote Yes for Life - and the bulk of the money is coming in from out of state.
  • The pro-abortion advocates have had to pull at least two advertisements from the airwaves. Both of these made claims about health care organizations opposing Measure 11 - in both cases the organizations refuted the claim. A major South Dakota medical association had to get a "cease and desist" order to get the abortion advocates to yank misleading statements.
  • Polls show that committed voters are divided about 44% - 44% on Measure 11, but there is an important group of 12% who have not decided. The good news is, even at 50-50, we've erased the margin of defeat of a previous pro-life measure. People are recognizing that Measure 11 is reasonable.

Please pray. If you are in South Dakota, get to the polls and vote yes on Measure 11.

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