Friday, October 17, 2008

Pheasant Season Underway!

SD residents started last weekend. The rest of the world flies in this weekend to hunt the ring-neck rooster (bright fellow in the masthead picture).

Please pray for travel and hunting safety. We give thanks for the help to our state economy.

Clergy: note the white collar on the pheasant rooster. I advise that you not wear your collar with bright headgear or scarves, and not with earth-tone clothing. And do not - repeat, do NOT - walk in front of anybody wearing bright orange.


Anonymous said...

Hey that could be your Presiding Bishop.

TLF+ said...

No way. The pheasant's vestments are too tasteful.

Matt said...

Fr. Fountain, my dad was born and raised in South Dakota and he told me and my brothers many times of his pheasant hunting when we were growing up. Unfortunately I never got to do it but it looks like I might be headed up your way in February to do some ice-fishing.

TLF+ said...

Matt - hope we get to see you if you pass through/near Sioux Falls! Will your ice house have internet? (j/k)