Friday, October 24, 2008

Being Autistic, Being Human

NPR's Speaking of Faith broadcast a most informative exploration of autism on October 16th. You can download or listen to it here. We have an autistic son, and life with him has opened us up to God in ways we would not have expected.

Grace has been a big rediscovery for me.
  • Grace, in terms of Joey's own relationship with God. Joey will not receive or express faith as an abstract idea or in propositional statements. We must rely entirely on God's inner, invisible work in Joey's life.
  • Grace, in terms of our need for the Holy Spirit when our human capacity seems tapped out. My flesh is not loving enough to meet all of Joey's needs in a graceful way - I need God's help.
  • Grace, to be a servant when I want to be served.
  • Grace, to experience, enjoy and be thankful for blessings that God sends us via Joey.


Anonymous said...

Fr. Tim,

Life doesn't dish out romantic, figurative, make-believe's real. It is hard not to want to escape or to know why when we experience grief, heartaches, trials, illness, persecution, sacrifice, failure, disappointment, death to dreams, sometimes to friends, prosperity, home, health, love, hopes and joys - to all but Him. (Psalm 88)

But, many of us have noticed something special about you and Melissa...we are drawn to you because of the Jesus we see in you and in your real struggling hurting human hearts. (Acts 4:13). And, you have reached out and prayed for us and also asked for prayer. We have come to care about you.

Thank you for being His broken Bread and poured out Wine.

I pray for you and Melissa and your sons for an overflow of His grace and mercy, healing, wisdom, peace, love, joy and hope.


TLF+ said...

Hard to tell you just how much this means today, Georgia. You are a blessing and your fellowship in prayer has been so wonderful.

Melissa was doing some reading in a Benedictine author today and it also pointed out the futility of romaniticizing pain. Psalm 88 is so painfully real, and God included it in His word to us.

Amy said...

Amen - from another on a similar journey.