Thursday, October 2, 2008

40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign Underway

Visit the Lent&Beyond site each day for Christian prayers and readings for life! There will be a special prayer focus on South Dakota, Oct. 19-25. Blessings on Jill Woodliff, who is following God's inspiration and guidance to pray for life, and to intercede specifically for South Dakota's campaign for life.


Keith86 said...

Good read. I give TEC about ten years before it implodes. The faithful are leaving in droves, those who are there and staying because they are too old to want to go somewhere else will soon be going to their eternal reward, and since the gospel of salvation is no longer being preached, no new members will be birthed-dead people (Luke 9:60) cant reproduce. By then, a new Anglican province in North America will have taken shape, and will rapidly outgrow the dying remnants of TEC.
Happy landing, Kate.

Keith86 said...

Obviously, my comments were intended for the tolerence and inclusion article. Sorry folks!